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Boston Flights



    Day Date Flight No. From Dep To Arr Aircraft Cabin Seat Miles
1 Fri 1-Sep BA215 LHR 16:35 BOS 18:40 747-400 F 1A 3,262
2 Fri 8-Sep BA238 BOS 08:10 LHR 19:40 777-200 J 10B 3,262


This was the second time I had used an Amex 2-for-1 voucher and the second time I had travelled (properly) in BA's FIRST cabin.

My friend and I arrived at Heathrow's Terminal 4 about three and a half hours before the flight, determined to maximise this rare FIRST experience. This was my friend's first time in long haul in anything other than economy!

Unfortunately initial impressions were poor with 5 minutes queuing needed at the FIRST check-in and a nightmare at security which needed 30 mins or so to get through Fast Track. This was due to the cack-handed way BAA had implemented the Government's new security policies - one of the Fast Track scanners was being used for the "masses" and the magnetic walk-through scanner on the Fast Track scanning machine was not working. So SNAFU at LHR T4 security.

We headed immediately for the Concorde Room in order to "get away from it all" and indeed it was a peaceful haven compared to the rest of the terminal, despite being about half full. Unfortunately, the Molton Brown Spa was fully booked and despite the lead time before the flight it was impossible to get an appointment. I believe FIRST passengers should get some kind of priority here. So we sat back and enjoyed the champagne (I made sure we got the Charles de Cazenove rather than the Monopole Blue Top, but even the Cazenove is hardly FIRST class I'm afraid ).

Boarding was eventually called and despite annoying about 100 economy passengers by making the gate agents rearrange the queue to ensure proper Fast Track boarding (shouldn't have had to do that), we were soon on board having been waved through the secondary security check.

Once on board, thing changed quickly for the better. We were shown to our seats and immediately provided with champagne and a plate of Macadamia nuts. There were six passengers in total, with my friend and I in the excellent row 1.

Push back, taxi and take off were all progressively delayed by late boarding passengers and awaiting security clearance from the American authorities, but eventually we were off with the loud noise of the nose wheel quickly replaced by the quiet purr of the engines as we took to the air. Row 1 really is very quiet!

A drinks round was made and the cabin crew very kindly made my friend a Manhattan cocktail out of hte ingredients they had available - it was delicious by all accounts. I stuck to the champagne! Menus had been distributed on the ground and the meal service was started.


- Duck and foie gras terrine with ruby orange compote and toasted brioche
- Shaun Hill's asparagus with Parmesan cheese dressing
- Roast plum tomato soup with herb crème fraiche
- Fresh salad leaves with your choice of olive oil with rosemary or spicy orange and lime dressing

Grilled fillet of beef, roast shallots and balsamic butter served with mini baked potatoes with sour cream and chives
- Shaun Hill's roast bril with whole-grain mustard sauce
- Vineet Bhatia's spicy chicken korma with truffle oil and morels
- Prawn Nicoise with lemon vinaigrette

Dessert and Cheese
Michel Roux's chocolate and banana delice
- Lemon and sponge pudding with custard or vanilla ice cream

Bacon roll served with tomato ketchup
- Penne pasta with your choice of creamy pesto or artichoke and tomato sauce with garlic herb croute
- Duchy of Cornwall biscuits
- A selection of cheese and fruit


Kippered salmon and horseradish creme fraiche
- Roast chicken and lemon mayonnaise
- Grilled Mediterranean vegetables and cream cheese
- Gammon ham with tomato

Cherry Bakewell, chocolate choux bun and lemon drizzle cake


Charles de Cazenove Grand Apparut Brut

White Wines
- Meursault Las Chevaliers 2004, Domaine René Monnier, France
- De Loach OFS Sauvignon Blanc 2004, Russian River Valley, USA
- Charles Krug Napa Valley Chardonnay 2003, USA

Red Wines
Chateau Pontet-Canet 1995, Grand Cru Classé Pauillac, France
- Saint-Joseph 2003, Guigal, France
- Rodney Strong Symmetry 2001, Meritage, Alexander Valley, USA

Dessert Wines
Clos Labeer 1999, Sauternes, France
- Warre's 1988 Colheita Port, Portugal




From this merry lot I had the duck starter (just OK) and the beef, which was good. I accompanied this with a "French red" I had ordered. It was only after the flight that I noticed that there are in fact two "French reds" on the menu, so who knows which one I ended up with, but it was nice! My friend had the brill and raved about it. I initially had plans on dessert, but realised fairly quickly that I was feeling very tired, full and, well, drunk!

I continued watching the film I had selected (Da Vinci Code) which was on the main system, available to all in the aeroplane, but soon fell asleep as I'm apt to do and missed the end. One day I'll get round to seeing it again! Eventually I unpacked my duvet and pillow and reclined fully to get some proper shut-eye, sleeping for about 90 mins or so, before I realised my friend was up and gorging on some delicious ice cream. So I joined in!

Fairly soon the refreshment service was started and I had the kippered salmon sandwiches (I feel I can say that these were the nicest sandwiches I have ever had in any circumstance, ever!) and some nice tea.

Descent and landing into Boston were completed without much fuss and, thankfully, immigration and passage through the airport were a breeze.

This was an experience of two halves. The ground situation at LHR was a shambles. The onboard situation was a dream, especially the crew who were simply fantastic and really upheld my faith in the FIRST product.

Photos (many apologies as I forgot, probably through drunkenness, to take any pictures of my food )

BA238 BOS - LHR : Club World

As I had already reviewed an East Coast day flight in Club, and this flight was very similar, I decided not to review this flight.